SaberWAV - Dark

SaberWAV - Dark
  • £27.00

SaberWAV - an entry level soundboard. This is the "Dark" version.

SaberWAV is our very first sound module. Developed with the intention of filling the void for low-cost, entry-level boards, SaberWAV will provide quality sound playback (22.050kHz/12-bit)

A good selection of sounds - boot, power on/off, 4 swings & clashes. Full visual effects, as found in CoreFX - fade on/off, flicker, contact flash. Accurate motion detection. High, adjustable volume.

Full technical details:

  • Dimensions - 23mm x 38mm.
  • Input - 3.4v-6v, 4A max. We recommend a 3.7V 18650 Li-Ion battery for the best results.
  • Speaker - 4-8ohm, 2.8W max.